Romi Josef Benyamini

Director of Development USA


Romi doesn’t THINK that Yatar serves a critical role in the security of the Land of Israel, she KNOWS it. Having served with full honors as a Captain Deputy in the IDF with the rank of Lieutenant and now as a Captain in the IDF reserves, Romi has personally seen the importance of providing outside assistance to the IDF in order to fully protect our land and our people. 

“I served for several years on the Jordanian and Egyptian borders where I experienced the importance  of YATAR’s life saving mission. YATAR’s ATVs can get to places, thwart attacks, and capture terrorists in ways that the IDF currently cannot. This level of protection is something that we simply cannot do without.

Upon completion of her active service, Romi decided to apply her talents and experience to help YATAR expand its mission and save more lives. As YATAR’s Director of Development, Romi has expanded her personal mission to ensure the safety of our land and our people.

Scott Orlanski

Board Member, USA

Scott Orlanski has been in public safety and emergency management for nearly 25 years. He started as a volunteer emergency medical technician for a local ambulance corp. His volunteer work continues actively to this day where he is the Chief. His passion for public safety grew from there. After graduating college, Scott worked for the American Red Cross in Greater New as an Assistant Director of Emergency Services and was a first responder on September 11, 2001.
Scott then worked as an Emergency Manager for NYC Department of Health while simultaneously running a consulting company dedicated to emergency management for schools and religious institutions.
After that Scott became the Director of Special Operations for the largest ambulance company in New York.
In addition to being chief of the local volunteer ambulance corp, comprised of 10 ambulances and over 150 members, Scott is the CEO of Urgent Care medical offices.