Meira Pons Hayot

PR & Fundraising Director


Fluent in five languages at the age of 22 Meira built her first import company in The Netherlands after Business Management studies in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

She would develop in the wine business to finalize her studies as International Summilier WSET 3 and two other own brands for 13 years.
In 2014 before moving to Israel she sold her companies and once in Israel worked as PR & and Customer Relations manager for one of the top wineries in Israel.
She moved to Israel just a few days before the “Operation Protective Edge” last war with Gaza. As new comer she would be really shocked by the new reality living in a country under siege and threat of terror wave after the war. New terror victims would appear on the news day after day, it impacted her so much that she would start to volunteer and be active in the war against terror.
By the end 2016 she started volunteering for Yatar Israel starting and developing the NGO donors relations. Per 2017 she started working at Yatar Israel as the PR & Fundraising Director. 
Today Meira is studying Criminology and Sociology and the fight against terror is her life mission.


Scott Orlanski

Board Member, USA

Scott Orlanski has been in public safety and emergency management for nearly 25 years. He started as a volunteer emergency medical technician for a local ambulance corp. His volunteer work continues actively to this day where he is the Chief. His passion for public safety grew from there. After graduating college, Scott worked for the American Red Cross in Greater New as an Assistant Director of Emergency Services and was a first responder on September 11, 2001.
Scott then worked as an Emergency Manager for NYC Department of Health while simultaneously running a consulting company dedicated to emergency management for schools and religious institutions.
After that Scott became the Director of Special Operations for the largest ambulance company in New York.
In addition to being chief of the local volunteer ambulance corp, comprised of 10 ambulances and over 150 members, Scott is the CEO of Urgent Care medical offices.