Iron Swords

2023 Israel–Hamas war
Since the war broke out we have been on the frontlines, operating our special All-Terrain Vehicles. Our ATVs are responding to multiple emergencies and distressing situations in Gaza.

We also have forces deployed in the Judea and Samaria areas patrolling and responding to potential and active threats.

Our combat soldiers and officers are 100% ready, equipped with Yatar’s ATVs, for the next phases of the operation. We are prepared to speedily evacuate the wounded as they are rescued. We’ll provide more updates on that when we are able.
We continue to operate on the ground in Gaza. Our ATVs have been revamped and turned into mini evac vehicles.

We have been tasked by the IDF to get our wounded comrades out of Gaza into safety as quickly as possible. Many of our activities continue to be classified.
While we must maintain the confidentiality of operational details, we are excited to announce our collaboration with both Unit 669 and Yahalom in ongoing operations in Gaza.

A Yatar team participated in the arrest of Louie Mohammed. According to the National Security Coordinator, he is the No. 5 man in Hamas in the West Bank, who directs and finances activity in both the West Bank and Gaza. Our team served as a special force in the arrest and was the first to break into the house, taking control of the terrorist.

live from the front line