YATAR’s units and volunteers work under the direct command of the Border Police and the IDF. They speedily arrive at off-road locations as the first responders to fires, infiltrations or terror activity where fire engines, emergency vehicles and even all-wheel-drive army jeeps cannot reach.

Why was YATAR founded?


A few years ago there were several incidents of terrorists evading standard police patrols by traveling across areas with rugged terrain. Unfortunately, this resulted in many cases of infiltration attacks where terrorists  broke into homes and killed civilians.

Security forces were alerted to these attacks, but were only able to catch the terrorists after the fact. When it comes to terrorism speed is critical.

This is where YATAR comes in. YATAR fills the gap in Israel’s security network by deploying highly trained elite volunteers in lightweight tactical ATVs. Combining intelligence with the speedy and effective deployment of our officers, terrorist attacks can be prevented before they happen.


YATAR focuses attention on the need to deploy any and all tools to combat the reality of hate driven terrorism. Under the auspices of the Border Police, it utilizes accurate real-time intelligence to prevent attacks and intercept infiltrations.


Often the first on the scene, our courageous volunteers have to confront potentially dangerous elements bent on causing harm to Israel’s citizens. That bravery combined with elite combat experience makes YATAR a first line of defense asset in Israel’s ongoing battle against terror.


By providing the most effective, state-of-the-art equipment to our highly trained officers, YATAR empowers them to decisively and confidently counter any threat our adversaries may present.


Yatar is constantly looking for new ways to ensure the safety of Israel’s citizens and visitors. In order to carry out its mission, YATAR must continue to extend its reach to new areas and improve its capabilities. That means YATAR must continue to grow.